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How does Oppiya nurture a love for learning?


Education is the ultimate gift to a child. To be enduring, it must be a joyful experience that nurtures the soul. Instead, modern schooling has become unbalanced – focused on standardization and frequent testing. Today, American students are scoring lower in global tests than their peers.

Finland has a highly effective model for schooling, with engaging teachers, creative methods, a broader curriculum, and very little standardized testing. Finnish students have consistently ranked at the top of global reading, math and science rankings since 2000. The Finnish educational system is described by the OECD as the overall best in the world concerning both “quality” and “equity”.

Oppiya seeks to emulate the Finnish model (Oppiya means “to learn” in Finnish) by providing parents with the most engaging content, creative teaching methods and a holistic curriculum.

We are not overly focused on improving test scores. Excessive competition at a young age diminishes the intrinsic love for learning. After a while, gifted students can become burned out from academic pressure while long-term learners continue to grow.


How is Oppiya different from other worksheet sites?


At Oppiya Learning Company, we are focused on providing parents and educators with the highest quality after-school K-6 enrichment materials, assembled from all corners of the world, to expand their child’s learning experience. We cover the basics, like math, science and reading, but explore well beyond that into topics like art, society and emotional intelligence.

Our worksheets are organized into 6 subjects and 4 age groups. Each worksheet is presented within a gallery of related sheets, with each one building upon the prior. We believe that our sequential learning model that connect topics together in a holistic format can help parents raise intelligent, confident and compassionate human beings.


Why is there a fee for your membership?


We try to bring the highest quality materials to your home or school. This requires us to hire great teachers, writers and artists and pay them equitably for their work. You will find many free worksheet Websites out there, but they are filled with excessive advertisements and populated with sub-standard worksheets.

We seek to create an amazing experience by providing a highly organized site with remarkable content. We continually reinvest our revenue into the creation of new content and improvements in customer experiences. Our cost of a home membership works out to $2.50 per month and we are sure your child is worth it.


How should I print the worksheets?


Our sheets are contained in PDF documents which most computers can download and see. If you choose to print both the problem and answer pages, select “Print on both sides of paper” to conserve paper. You may also choose to print the problems only, and view the answers on your computer. You may also print the worksheets directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

You should encourage your child to check their own answers so that they get into the habit of taking ownership, employing curiosity and paying attention to detail.


Why are your worksheets on paper instead of in electronic applications?


Today, children are bombarded with electronic media, including “gaming” applications that have claim to have some educational value. Studies have shown that this excess exposure to electronic media can have detrimental effects on focus and concentration.

At Oppiya, we believe that there is value in classical learning methods and the  persistence that comes with solving a difficult problem using pen and paper. We bring you a combination of elegant, sophisticated literature and modern, visual worksheets.