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Every child has tremendous learning capacity. Yet modern schools teach a limited range of subjects, disconnected from each other.

Oppiya delivers a richer learning experience, integrating  all forms of intelligence – logical, linguistic, creative and emotional. We encourage our students to connect the dots so they can master subjects and deeply appreciate the world around them.



By connecting different topics, your child naturally reinforces concepts and applies them to solving real world problems. In this example, you can see how knowledge grows over the years from an early lesson in phonics to solving a complex engineering problem.

1. Reading with phonics introduces the word “round”.

2. Astronomy reinforces an understanding of round shapes.
3. Geometry teaches the use of Pi for calculations of circles and engines.
4. Nature introduces ideas to make trains more efficient.

Our visual science worksheets and vivid nature essays shape a deep curiosity in the natural world…

…sparking an interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Our emotional intelligence worksheets build social awareness and support healthy life decisions…

Recognize Facial Expressions

Recognize Facial Expressions

Interpret and Manage Situations

Interpret Situations

Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Make Healthy Choices

Make Healthy Choices

We all feel shy sometimes.

Here are some ways to start a conversation:

  • Hi, my name is Mark. What’s yours?
  • Hello, I’m Mary. Can I sit beside you on the bus?
  • Hi team! I am looking forward to playing with you.
  • Nice to meet you. Are you excited about middle school?
  • What’s your favorite book? I just finished reading this one…

…developing “learned optimism” in your child.


Why is a “subject” just a “subject,” divided from all other “subjects“? The essence of teaching is to empower the learner to make an immediate mental connection between, let us say, algebra and detective fiction, sewage disposal and the price of salmon – or, more generally, between such spheres of knowledge as philosophy and economics, or chemistry and art.   Dorothy Sayers